Hello, TVision again!

Old-school console application.

Back in those early days, when C# lived in dreams Anders Hejlsberg /
Scott Wiltamuth… I was a PASCAL software developer. My favorite framework (ha-ha!) for applications was TurboVision (Borland). Easy to use / best performance / OOP / nice interface and quick starting for developing a new project.

My most popular TurboVision application at this time (end of `90) was:
Ukrainian Banking / Credit Union Software (like Symitar)|
Desktop online client-banking
Pro-Shell — banking communication application based on Z-modem proto.
Noncommercial application for FidoNet — TVMail based on z-modem, Hydra, Janus protocols.

Well, let’s jump into reality, then. Just for fun during the Christmas holidays, I have ported pascal code to C# net core 3.1

demo application source code
net core 3.1 console application

It looks so good at first. So now I can use this UI for writing the simple console applications in my work.


Oleg Denisenko, a software architect and fintech expert @ DashDevs
For any inquiries — available at oleg.d@dashdevs.com | https://dashdevs.com/



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